Protecting your furniture and belongings on moving day

Nothing is worse than moving in to a new house only to discover some of your furniture has been damaged during the move, or opening a box of broken glasses. Here are some tips to follow to avoid damage to your things.

Choose a reputable furniture removals company. Check reviews from other customers, enquire about their vehicles and trucks. 13000 MOVE U trucks ride on air bag suspension, which cushions the ride for your Furniture, Goods or Sensitive Freight ensuring the lowest risk for any Fragile items during transit, keeping them as safe as possible. Our removalists are extremely careful and all of our moves include Transit Insurance.

Check what equipment and other materials they use to transport heavier items from the house to the truck and vice versa.

Check with your movers if your quote includes insurance or if they offer insurance. 13000 MOVE U are fully insured with public liability of $20,000,000 and Transit Insurance is included in all our moves locally and interstate.

It's still a good idea to check with your own personal insurance company what your contents insurance covers and if it covers damage in transit.

If you have any boxes with fragile items packed inside, clearly mark on the box "FRAGILE" (or stickers will be available from your local stationery or office supply store so your removalist company knows to be extra careful.

Don't over pack boxes.

Pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top, use screwed up newspaper to fill in any gaps to reduce movement while in transit.

If you have any valuable or antique furniture, take some photos of the condition on moving day. It pays to to wrap this furniture as well using corner protectors so avoid dents.

Make sure paintings and mirrors etc have been wrapped carefully also using corner protectors, or get a painting box, suitable for painting pictures and mirrors.