What sized boxes should I use to pack my house when moving?

Many people make the mistake of using boxes that are far too large, over pack them and are then unable to lift the heavy box. To avoid any physical injuries or damage to your possessions, it is a good idea to acquire a variety of sizes to suit your needs from your removal company. Avoid pre-used boxes where possible as they are normally a little worn, reducing the durability of the box which could then rip apart or bust open whilst being carried, spilling its contents all over the ground. You don't want this to happen with a box of glasses or valuable items.

Packing strategies

It's easy to think packing a lot of smaller things into a larger box is an efficient way of packing but this is not always true. Make sure to pack small but heavy items, such as books, in smaller boxes as just a small number of books can quickly add up to weigh a lot. It's a good idea to test the weight of the box a few times as you go to be sure you haven't over packed and it is easy to lift. It's better to have two or three smaller boxes full of the same item rather than one large heavy one.

Packing Kitchen for moving

Use multiple smaller boxes for other small but heavier items such as dinnerware and drinking glasses, crockery and serving dishes. Also it's a good idea to wrap these small breakable in butchers paper (for drinking glasses) or bubble wrap for more valuable items such a tea sets. Never wrap using newspaper as the print ink will rub off on your items, instead use newspaper to pack around your breakables for a snug to reduce moving within the box.

Packing Shoes and linen for moving house

Reserve your larger boxes for your wife and daughter shoe collections. Linen is generally okay to pack into the larger boxes but don't be fooled, linen can also weigh a fair bit.

Packing appliances and Computers

The larger boxes would generally be reserved for larger items that you can only fit a small amount into, such as small kitchen appliances (kettles, blenders etc) computer monitors or office binder folders.

Final thoughts on packing for moving house

Always remember, no matter what type or size or box you use, always ensure the bottoms are securely taped, both length ways and side ways, with a good grade packing tape.