What should I unpack first after moving house?

You've just moved house and not sure where to start. But rest assured you have already done the hard part! Unpacking can be therapeutic if you let it be (okay so we're exaggerating a wee bit) and it's good fun to rearrange your belongings in new order. But where do you start?

  • Beds. Each time I've moved I've set up all the beds before I do anything else, because if nothing else gets done, at least you have your bed to sleep in after the hard days work.

  • The kitchen is the most used room in the house so here's the best place to start. It's also good because the kitchen is usually out of the way of other rooms so you can start unpacking while the the movers are still bringing in boxes and other furniture. Start with food and pantry items, then your most used items, such as the toaster and jug, then dinnerware and drinking glasses, followed with cookware (pots and pans). leave lesser used items for last.

  • Bathrooms are also well used but there's not normally too many boxes to unpack here. But with that being said, we do need TP and hand soap, so get this out at the very least along with any hygienic products like tooth brushes and toothpaste.

  • Bedrooms. We all need clothes to wear. And the ladies will want to set up any jewellery stands or boxes.

  • Home office. If you rely on your home office and work from home then you will want to get your computer and printer up and running at the very least.

  • All other rooms. Now you've unpacked the essentials and your furniture is all in place, you can now start unpacking other areas of the house, home décor, home library, paintings on walls etc.

  • Leave the garage and garden shed until last. This is because you will most likely have some things in the house that will need to be stored in the garage, like camping gear, and all the moving boxes can be neatly stored away for next time, which is hopefully a long time away. Leaving the garage until last will give you time to install any shelving solutions should you have a lot of things to store away.

It's a fantastic idea to pack a box or two or essentials items in case your unpacking doesn't go to plan. Add to your essentials box, change of clothes, toiletries, something to cook with etc.