Tips For Moving House In Wet Weather

We can't control the weather and there's nothing worse than waking up on your moving day to rainy wet weather. It's probably a good idea to keep an eye on the weather report in preparation. If you live in Melbourne you probably are used to experiencing four seasons in one day on a regular basis. Here are a few tips to help keep yourself, your furniture and things stay as dry as possible during that house move:

  • Keep yourself dry with a raincoat or jacket with a hood. Umbrella's are not going to be practical. After all you won't want to fall sick after moving house, you'll have lots of unpacking to do.

  • Wear a pair of sneakers or work type boots that have good grip. You don't want to be slipping and sliding while carrying heavy boxes or furniture. Gumboots may help keep your feet dry but they are often loose around our feet and legs, which is not going to be suitable.

  • Prepare both your new house as well as the one you are moving out of by putting some towels, sheets or plastic in the doorways you will be using, this will help prevent slipping and dragging mud inside. Good removalists will protect surfaces and themselves by putting down lots of moving mats

  • If you have already prepared for a rainy day, wrap your boxes and furniture with plastic wrap or shrink wrap. You don't want wet soggy boxes bursting open mid-move. If you haven't prepared for wet weather, your mover will have plenty of blankets to help protect your furnishings, but you can also use sheets, towels and your own blankets that you won't be needing immediately. It's easier to wash and dry these things than cleaning your couches and mattresses after a heavy downpour (they may get musty and/or mouldy if they get wet). If you have tarpaulin's handy, these will be good too.

  • Be sure to properly protect any electrical items, such as TV's and stereos. Again, use towels or blankets or plastic wrap. Water inside your electrical appliances is never a good thing.

  • We hope these tips have been helpful. Just remember to stay as dry as possible and be careful not to slip in puddles or while you are walking down a slope or on the grass. Keeping yourself safe from injury is the most important factor.