8 Easy Ways To Improve Street Appeal

Whether you are thinking of putting your home on the market for sale or just want to increase street appeal, we've gathered up some tips and ideas to help and assist in increasing your homes street appeal with some quick and easy projects with results that are sure to impress.

The front door is the heart of your home. Make a statement with a bright colour. Look to your front garden for inspiration and choose a colour from your garden, like the colour of your favourite blooming flowers and incorporate that with the paint match for the front door. Make sure the colour you choose will fit well with any others on your home. You can visit your local paint supply or hardware store for a colour pallet for more inspiration.

Replacing the hardware on the outside of your home can instantly give your house a updated look. Railings, light fixtures, door knockers and handles. Keep with the theme you've chosen to go with around the front AND back of the house. Choose your theme based on the style of your home. If you love your current fixtures, such as antique style theme, but they just need a spruce up, there are plenty of polishes oils and spray paints that can efficiently spruce up your hardware. Always check with your professional which paint etc will best suit your material, i.e. brass door handles.

A potted fern or small shrub (or two) can make your entryway can instantly add more class to your home. You can keep pots in neutral modest tones or go with a bright tone to add pizazz. Keep plants manicured and tidy. A plant on each side of the door (if space permits) and/or at the bottom of the stairs (if you home has stairs to the front door) as it creates symmetry and balance.

If you already have a few trees or a garden, make sure it is pruned back and tidy, raking fallen leaves regularly, particularly during autumn and winter. Weed the garden beds and lay weed mats and/or mulch. You could plant a ground covering plant or fill in the garden bed with river stones or bark. Give the garden bed a boarder using rocks or brick, all available from your local landscaping supply store.

Bring your fence back to life with a fresh coat of paint. If there are any maintenance issues, such as loose panels, then attend to these issues before painting. When choosing colours, pick a colour that complements your home and ties the property together. Contrasting shades work well. For lighter coloured homes, try choosing a darker tone for the fence. If you prefer your fence to blend with your house you should match the fence colour to the roofing, guttering or other trimmings, an easy way to tie the two together without overloading a single shade.

Your mailbox should also tie in with the rest of the property, complement the home and your own personality. If your mailbox is looking tired you can paint it in the colours of your property or front door. For more of a statement piece, you may choose a themed mailbox to reflect your personality. For extra impact, use a wooden post and paint it to match the house colour and create a small garden bed with flowers to surround the base of the post.

Older houses may still have older metal guttering on their houses and they may have rust holes and peeling paint. Update the gutters and downpipes on your house with vinyl guttering.

If you feel like your house is a little boring, try some classy outdoor wall art (remember less is more) that fits in well will your house colours and outdoor area. Another option is to install window shutters, or faux window shutters. You may even want to install (or make your own) window boxes where you could plant, pretty flowers, succulents or herbs, while keeping to your properties colour theme.