Costs of Moving Yourself Vs Hiring a Professional Mover


  • Truck Hire: Approx $100 per day for smaller trucks. Truck hire can be cheaper on week days as opposed to weekends.
  • Is truck the right size?
  • Does it have a ramp and/or lift?
  • Smaller trucks only require a regular drivers licence, larger trucks may require and endorsed licence (truck licence)
  • Does the truck rental have moving trolleys, tie down straps, blankets etc. If not this will cost you extra to buy or hire.
  • You may have petrol or diesel costs.
  • You will have to get your own transport to the trucks home depot for pick up. And drop it back off again. Larger companies may have a different location for drop off if you are moving interstate or intercity.
  • Will require a few mates to help move heavier items?
  • Possible lost wages if you need to the day off work.
  • Shout your mates lunch to say thanks for helping.
  • Possible insurance costs
  • Physical injury or fatigue
  • Good for moving smaller a mounts of furnishings


  • Cost friendly; range from around $30-$80 to hire
  • You will have do pick up and drop off within your hire time limit.
  • Is is large enough.
  • A trailer will generally take between 2-4 trips (depending on how much furniture you have).
  • Is it going to be weather friendly?
  • Do you have the correct tow bar?
  • Do you have the correct wire to connect trailer (so lights and indicators work) and are they working (no damage).
  • Added cost of moving trolleys, blankets, tie-downs etc.
  • Possible insurance costs.
  • Possible damage to your furnishings when not transported correctly.
  • Physical fatigue or injury.
  • Good for small amounts of furniture ie, one bedroom, or flat share.


  • Range from $70-$120+ per hour, depending on how many guys come with the truck and the size of the truck.
  • Come to your door
  • All cost are inclusive. Always check for extra costs on set quotes should your move take longer than anticipated.
  • Backloading or truck sharing (normally interstate or intercity) options for smaller moves, reduces moving costs.
  • All the hard work done for you.
  • Shout the guys some cold beers for later. $30-$40