Tips for a stress free move

Although the prospect of moving house can be exciting, new furniture arrangements, that new big bathroom....a new pool! The actual MOVING part of the whole experience can have even the hardiest of us come down with a case of anxiety and stress. We've put together some top tips on making the move as calm and stress free as possible.

  • Keep your schedule clear. No meetings, no child-minding etc. You will already have enough on your plate and adding to your schedule the week before moving will only take your time, leaving you stressed out.

  • Be prepared. Make sure everything is packed and ready to go. Disassemble any furniture you are able to.

  • Pack and essentials box. Pack any items you will need in the day or two after you move: clothes; pet food; toiletries and baby supplies etc etc. This way you won't have to be searching through boxes for your toothbrush.

  • Plan your meals. It's a good idea to order your moving truck at a time that allows you to make sure you've had a good breakfast. It's also a good idea to pack sandwiches, snacks and plenty of drinks and water. Store them in your picnic esky or chilly bin and kept away so it doesn't get packed. Also, plan meals in the lead up to your move. Cook and eat as much of your stored food, avoid super market shopping, as the less refrigerated or frozen foods you have to move the better.

  • De-clutter and get rid of junk. Packing for a house move is he best time to get rid of old junk, clothes you haven't worn for 3 years and all that stored up junk in the garden shed. Donate good re-usable items to charity stores, friends and family or hold a garage sale. Also check to confirm the correct procedures for disposing of hazardous materials.

  • Search for new interior design ideas. Look around the internet, buy a couple of magazines, anything that gives you some inspiration on new or timeless trends, furniture placements or new ways to showcase your art pieces. This is a great way to de-stress in between packing and cleaning.

  • Get the kids involved. The mere thought of mum and dad going through their things is enough to make any teenager cringe, hence leading said teenagers to pack their own rooms (okay so they might need reminded 4 or 5 times per day). For younger ones that need assistance, try turning packing their rooms into a game. This will also help relieving any anxiety they may have at seeing all of their things packed up or put in boxes to be given away, it also gives you a chance to talk to your little ones and answer any questions or worries they may have about moving house.