Tips for moving house during winter in Melbourne

With winter time quickly approaching, the following months are sure to get cooler, wetter and shorter in Melbourne. Moving house in winter time can become a bit hazardous at times and the weather can affect how well the move goes on the day. But with a bit of planning you can greatly reduce the risk of any mishaps.

Literally. This should be done anyway when moving house. Clear paths of any debris and also trimming back overhanging branches. Remove any moss and mold, it gets very slippery and can build up quickly in wet conditions over winter.

If it's raining and very wet, you can take extra safety precautions and laying the path with some old carpet in tricky spots. Laying carpet or painters drop cloth over the entrance ways will also help to prevent slipping but also helps prevent any mud being walked through the house. Non-slip mats can also be used. Don't lay loose carpet or cloth at the top of stairs as it may cause someone to trip and fall.

Wear a good pair of non-slip sneakers or work boots and socks. Make sure shoe laces are well tied. Wear appropriate attire, nothing too baggy or loose as clothing may become snagged on furniture or boxes. If it's raining, wear a hooded raincoat, umbrellas are not suitable as you require both hands to lift. Keep a change of dry clothes if need be in your car and a couple of changes of dry socks. Nothing is worse than cold, wet feet. Even though it may be cold, you can still get hot so wear layers you can easily add or remove as needed. Gloves are also not appropriate when lifting furniture and boxes as your grip may be compromised.

Melbourne weather can be unpredictable so it's good to be prepared just in case the skies open up on moving day. Rain getting into bedding and electrical items is a sure fire way of ruining your things. Wrapping your beds and mattresses in shrink wrap is great for protecting furniture from the rain. You can do the same for TV's and Home Theater Systems etc. You can also use blankets and tarpaulins for larger pieces of furniture.

Moving in the rain isn't ideal and you will need to slow down if conditions are wet. We all want to get the truck packed and unloaded again as fast as possible but moving too quickly may cause an accident or injury. So slow down, both on foot and on the road, and step carefully.

Moving house is gong to burn a lot of body fuel, especially when it's cold or maybe you have the winter sniffles. Have a good hearty breakfast the morning of your move and pack a lunch and some snack and don't forget about drinking plenty of water. Avoid too much coffee or energy drinks as these are diuretic and can cause dehydration. Drink herbal teas if you need warming up. Don't forget to take regular breaks.