Should I use a Professional Home Relocation Service in Melbourne?

The simple is answer to that question is YES! Not only do they do all the hard work for you, but many professional home relocation services will also provide packing services as well as storage should you be moving interstate or intercity.

Not only will a home and furniture removalist move you from one street to another in the same suburb, or across town, a good professional furniture removals company will also provide services for interstate home relocations. So if you are moving from Sydney to Brisbane, Gold Coast to Victoria, Canberra to the Sunshine Coast or Newcastle to Coffs Harbour 13000MOVEU is your first choice.

Whether you are moving interstate, intercity or just across town, 13000MOVEU's modern moving trucks ride on air bag suspension, providing a smooth, cushioned ride, minimizing movement and damage to your furniture and boxed items during transit, a fantastic choice when you have antique furniture and other fragile items.

Professional movers not only have the appropriate sized trucks for your needs, but also have all the equipment, like trolleys and protective blankets, to move large or heavy items such as pianos and antique furniture. This is perfect so you can use just one mover instead of 2 or 3 separate companies to move specialty items.

A professional relocation service will also disassemble any furniture you require, beds, pool tables and other furnishings. They will also reassemble it all at the other end.

A professional relocation company is fast and efficient, eliminating the need for multiple trips if you hired a trailer to move yourself. They'll move your entire house in one trip.

They are accustomed to lifting heavy and awkward furniture, they know how to lift accordingly, reducing the risk of injury not only to themselves but preventing injury to yourself should you lift a heavy box with your back instead of your hips and knees.

They know how to efficiently pack their truck, taking away the need for a second trip (this may be unavoidable if you live in a large mansion though). If you DO live in a large house, it might be that you require 2 trucks instead of 1.

Overall, a professional moving company can assist your move from start to finish, removing much of the stress that comes with moving house. From packing your household items, to the move itself and any storage solutions, moving 13000MOVEU professional movers will do all the hard work for you.