Safety Tips for Moving House

Nothing is worse than injuring yourself in the middle of moving house, so here are some tips to keep in mind to prevent any injury to yourself or someone else.

Wear sensible clothing and footwear, nothing that can get caught on corners and no slippery shoes. Melbourne is well known to have 4 seasons in 1 day, so keep a jacket handy in case it rains.

Keep hydrated and energy intake regular. You can sweat a lot, especially on a hot day, when moving house and you don't want to keep a nasty dehydration headache or dizzy spell from not eating enough.

Make sure pathways and stairs are clear of any debris, moss and mould that could cause you to slip or trip over.

Keep boxes clear on any doorways and stairs that people regularly use

If the weather is wet, you can line doorways with towels or old sheets, or painting drop sheets, this will prevent slipping as well as helping prevent any mud or dirt being tramped through the house.

If you have to get up into the roof to remove cables, always turn off the power to prevent electric shock.

Don't over pack boxes, if the are too heavy you can injure your back trying to pick the box up or the box could burst open at the bottom leaving the contents to fall on your toes.

Make sure to get someone to help you lift of carry heavier items, a moving trolley (they come in all sizes and hold different weights) are a fantastic assistant.

Always get someone to hold the ladder steady if you need get up high to retrieve something.

Take regular rests. Moving house is very physically exhausting.