Preparing your garden tools for moving house

If you have a large landscaped garden, you will most likely have all the landscaping tools to go along with it. Here are some tips on efficiently moving all your garden tools.

Empty lawnmowers and weed wacker/line trimmers of any petrol and oil. This can be extremely hazardous and flammable when moving house.

Also make sure to clean any grass or dirt from the blades of your lawnmower. Always wear gloves as blades can be very sharp and you want to avoid any injury.

Make sure your chainsaw or hedge trimmer has been emptied of petrol and is cleaned out and is safely away in it's case.

Empty any buckets of water, dirt and sand.

Clean off any dirt from spades, shovels, forks, hoes and rakes.

Remove any dirt from smaller handheld tools like trowels and weeders.

Empty out and pack away leaf blowers.

Pack away smaller items in a regular cardboard packing box OR in plastic bins. A plastic bin may be a better option for sharp tools such as, scissors, secateurs and tree loppers.

Make sure your wheelbarrow is clean and empty.

Make sure any tools that have cases and covers are securely put away in their cases, this will prevent any injury to you and damage to the tool.