Preparing and Moving your Portable Spa Pool in Melbourne

Your portable spa pool can be delicate to move with all its motors and electrical components, things can get bumped or dislodged or the spa pool itself could get damaged. So we've put together some tips on preparing and moving your spa pool to minimize the risk of damage as it is being relocated from one house to another.

Firstly we'd recommend that you hire a professional mover to do the job for you. They are experienced in moving large fragile items such as spa pools and pool tables, so best leave it to the professionals.

Whether you're moving the spa pool by yourself or a mover is doing it, you'll want to start preparing the spa pool in few days in advance - to make sure any water spillage has all dried out. You don't want to pick the spa up on a wet spot and have it slip from your hands and onto your toes.

The first step is to make sure you have safely disconnected all gas, power and water connections.

Store electrical cords in the compartment if it has one, use a plastic zip tie to keep any cords tidy to avoid tangles. If there is no compartment for safely storing any cords, use the zip tie to keep it together and avoid anybody tripping, put it into a plastic bag and tie it around the top preventing the cords from coming out.

Next you will need to completely drain the spa pool of water. Dry up any excess water and then leave to completely dry.

Make sure the drain cap is replaced securely after draining the water.

In order to lift the spa, you'll need to get a few mates to help.

You'll most likely need to the use of either a large flat moving trolley or two smaller ones.

With one person per corner, carefully lift the spa pool up and onto its side, placing it on to the moving trolleys. Secure the spa using tie down straps (should come with the trolley but if not they are available at your local hardware or car parts store).

You can use blankets in order to protect wood, acrylic or fibreglass.

Once your spa pool has been relocated to its new home, thoroughly check for any damage as well as making sure the motor and any other parts like pipes and wires are intact. If you see any damage DO NOT connect any power or water but contact the spa pools manufacturer for advice on repairs and warranties.

Always use your owner manual step by step when reconnecting power and water supplies. If at any stage you are unsure, contact the manufacturer or supplier for advice.

Always be very careful where electrical currents, gas and water are involved, taking all necessary safety precautions and dial 000 for medical help should any accident or electrocution occur.