Packing and de-cluttering your garage when moving house

When we have to move house, we tend to leave the garage until last. It's dirty and messy and full of old junk and storage boxes and camping gear.
It can be a big job and may take a few days, depending on how cluttered it is and we often don't even know where to start. So here are some tips to get you on your way.

Have some cardboard boxes ready to pack your items i.e. one box for camping gear, one box for tools etc

Plastic storage bins are great to keep your items stored in a tidy fashion and are easily stacked and stored in the new garage, keeping any new clutter to a minimum. They also won't deteriorate with damp conditions, keeping its contents dry and protected from dust and bugs. Don't forget to label so you know what's what.

Sort through section by section, moving your way around e.g. from left to right.

Throw out anything that is broken or just junk, have no mercy.

Keep items that can be sold or given away in a dedicated section for easy access. For example, old toys can be handed down to friends or family with children, or even your local Children's Hospital or Day Care Centre.

In the new garage, if there isn't ample room for your things, purchase any storage solutions to keep boxes etc tidy and de-cluttered. Shelves, cupboards and hooks are all available from your local hardware store.

You can either hire a skip bin or take a trip to your local refuse station with any junk that needs to be binned. Check what you can and cannot dispose of as some items, such as car batteries and paint cans may not be able to be disposed of here. Your local council will be able to advise you where you can take hazardous items for disposal.

If you have a lot of items that are still good to go, think about holding a garage sale or going to your local flea market or car boot sale. Any money made can go toward the cost of moving house.

Once you have packed up your garage, stack and store your bins and boxes neatly against the wall, this will make things easy for your home and furniture removals company.