Moving House with Pets

Moving house is just as stressful on our pets as it is on us. At least we know what's going on right? Our beloved animals don't quite understand why all their things are being packed into boxes and you'll most likely find them in suitcases and boxes with a "don't leave me behind" look on their cute little faces so we've put together some tips on moving with your pet's.


We always worry about the cat doing a disappearing act on moving day, so keep them inside the night before.

On moving day, have a room already cleared out to house your pets in while you are moving and loading the truck. Make sure they have food, water and a litter box. Keep the door closed and put a note on the door so no movers or anyone helping you don't open the door and let them out. Also make sure there is some fresh air, but you might not want to open the window to wide for cats to jump out of.

Make sure you have left out any travel boxes or crates in the room for easy access.


If you're doing a good old fashioned road trip, make sure you have appropriate travel restraints for your pets. Make sure cat and dog cages are the appropriate size or if your dog will be riding up front with you, make sure he has his own seat belt to collar restraint or a harness (available from your local pet store). It's dangerous to let animals ride unrestrained in your vehicle, especially in cases of an accident, we don't want our pets flung around the car if an accident happens, this dangerous for both them AND you. Take regular breaks for your pet to stretch his or her legs and to take toilet breaks. Maybe you could train your cat to walk on a leash so it doesn't make a break for it.

If you are booking your pet into a kennel or cattery, make sure all vaccinations and flea, worm and tick treatments are up to date. They most likely won't be accepted as a guest if these are not up to date.

If you are travelling on a plane to your new destination, check with your airline for their policies for travelling with animals. They will need to be up to date on all vaccinations etc and will most likely need to have a certificate of health. If you are travelling internationally, there may be quarantine at the other end so you will have to have all of that pre-organised.

There are many good Pet Travel companies around that can arrange everything for you including booking them on your flight either domestically or internationally, providing veterinary services to ensure your pet is healthy and ready for travel, making sure travel crates are of appropriate size and providing accommodation if they will not be on the same flight as you. If you are travelling internationally, they can also organise quarantine services (if needed) and any paper work in the new country. Using a pet travel company can take all the stress of re-locating your pet off you.

Wherever and however you are relocating house, just remember your pets are going to be stressed as well and will need lots of cuddles and reassurance. Good luck to you and your pets while moving house, we hope it goes as smoothly as possible.