Moving house at Christmas time

Is your family having to move house at Christmas time? Combining two of the most stressful and financially draining events is going to test even the most stable persons sanity. A lot of small business and self employed will take this period off for holidays with families, which in turn leaves the business short staffed and stretched themselves, so we've put together some tips to help get you through.

Book carpet cleaning services as far in advance as possible, they are usually busy with many households hiring their services before family members and friends come for Christmas and summer holidays.

House and bond cleaners will also be busy at this time of year for the same reasons as above, so again, be prepared and book in early.

Although people avoid moving house at Christmas time, house removal companies are still busy, especially with interstate removals, people moving back home over summer and many using this time period for office relocations. Book in early and re-confirm your booking a week before, just in case there has been a double booking or other such error.

Internet. The only other thing that will drive any parent insane (after moving and Christmas presents) over school holidays is not having internet for the kids. As much as we tell ourselves we are going out doors this summer, in reality.... Many phone and internet providers take 2 weeks for a technician to come out so set your phone alarms for this reminder. Save your sanity and get that WiFi running.

Property maintenance and lawns. If you are needing someone to come and tidy up the property, as with everything at this time of year, book in early. Everyone wants their gardens tidies for visiting relatives and friends and also storm season, so they are not going to be able to just pop over on short notice.