Tips for Packing your Electrical Equipment for Moving House

Top tips for packing your electrical equipment safely for moving house

Keep an essentials box, using it to pack all the important items in one box. Pack items such as remote controls, antenna cables and adaptors, basic set-up tools, multi power boxes, kids favourite DVDs, Mobile phone chargers, batteries and a Torch.

Label electrical cords and equipment. Before you take the computer or stereo apart for packing, take some masking tape or similar and use it to label your cables and devices. Pack all equipment together
eg. All Playstation console, controllers and cables in the same box.

Use bubble wrap and foam wrap large to wrap large flat TV screens and stereos etc.

You can use styrofoam sheets or screwed up newspaper to act as a barrier, helping to absorb any shock as well as reducing movement inside the box.

Using shrink or stretch wrap is a fantastic way to prevent moisture from getting into your electronics.

Don't over pack your boxes.

Once you have your electronics packed, keep them stored inside to prevent moisture damage from damp or wet weather. The garage is not a suitable place to store electronics, however if you have little choice, store them up on a table or shelf and not on the ground.

Clearly label each box so you know which box has the TV remote and DVD player for the kids.