Moving Do's and Don'ts

The best way to avoid stress while moving house is preparation. Keep a folder of all and anything to do with your move This helps when you need a piece of information and you know exactly where it is. We've put together some "Do's and Don'ts" tips to help get you on your way.


Do hire a reputable moving company. Check they have a good website, references, reviews, and are easily contactable.

Do book a moving truck as far in advance as possible.

Do start packing as soon as you have decided to or know which date you are moving.

Do de-clutter your home as you pack. Get rid of old clothes, furniture and other household items you don't use.

Do write a checklist of all the things you shouldn't forget.

Do secure your pets on moving day, being careful not to forget food and water if they are in a room.

Do book your move earlier in the day. Moving house can take several hours.

Do confirm your belongings are insured during transit and arrange any insurance for fragile or antiques items.

Do an online quote. This helps them with a more accurate price as well as making sure the right sized truck is booked for your moving day.

Do arrange to buy or rent professional moving boxes.

Do label boxes clearly.

Do check whether your moving company provides other services such as packing services storage or inter-state removals.

Do check if your house removal company can move your piano.

Do check the moving truck after being unloaded in case any items are left behind.


Don't leave your packing till the last minute. If you are not packed and ready, this will add time the movers are working and will in turn increase costs.

Don't assume you can hire the services of a professional mover, or hire a self moving truck.

Don't book your move at the end of the month or during summer or school holidays. These are usually the peak times for moving companies and you may not be able to find someone.

Don't hire house movers you haven't used before, have been recommended or that don't have good reviews.

Don't assume your movers can move items such as pianos. Items such as these can often require a separate specialised mover.

Don't drag items and junk you never use to your new house, this will crease chaos and clutter. Get rid of it all.

Don't forget to change new address details with other services such as banks, insurance, doctors, schools. You can also change your forwarding address with the post office in case places you have forgotten about send you mail.

Don't make significant changes close to the day of your move with your moving company, this may add extra cost to your move.

Don't forget to either book in or record yourself, final readings for utilities like water, gas and power.