Packing and moving household items is always a tedious task and it becomes extra tedious when you have many delicate valuables like oil paintings and fragile items to move around. Framed artwork is mostly valuable and if you have a collection, it is imperative that you pack them in the best possible manner to get it delivered safe and in tact to your new house or office. Paintings, especially oil paintings are considered to be most vulnerable to damage from the moment it’s taken off the wall. The longer it stays off the wall, the longer you have to worry about it getting damaged. You can utilize the below given pointers to pack and move paintings and other household fragile items like a professional.


NEVER USE NEWS PAPER TO PACK FRAGILE AND VALUABLE ITEMS - the ink will run off on your fine artwork or bone china tea set.

Oil paintings are sensitive to moisture and dust; hence, you need to wear gloves while handling them.

• Normally we use plastic bubble wrap to property valuables, but this is NOT advised with oil paintings as the plastic can easily stick or react with the paint. It is important to wrap the painting with acid-free tissue or packing paper.

• Once the painting is safely covered in tissue paper, you can then use bubble wrap.

• It is advised to use picture cardboard boxes to pack your oil paintings. These are considered to be perfect for ensuring maximum protection. See that the painting is wedged in the cardboard box without any further room for internal movement.

• Secure the painting cardboard boxes with packing tape and ensure that the box is sealed effectively from head to toe.


When relocating house, you definitely need to pack and move mirrors and other fragile items. Take special care to get these tasks done.

• Mirrors are usually found attached to other furniture, such as dressing tables. If possible, it is best to detach the mirror from the furniture piece prior to packing it.

• Wrap the mirror using bubble wrap or cardboard and ensure that it is also tapped together.

• Another important aspect to consider while packing mirrors is to use corner protectors, to avoid any chips or cracks.

• If the mirror is able to be attached, it is best to store along with other paintings so they can all be kept together.

Always be sure to mark your mirrors and painting with "FRAGILE" to ensure your movers take extra care.

The pointers highlighted above can be used to pack other fragile items and glassware in your house. Be sure to fill in any gaps in the box with screwed up newspaper to reduce movement within the box. Never over pack your box, especially with fragile items.

When choosing a house relocation service to move antiques and other fragile items, ensure that they have specialised transport, such as trucks with self levelling air suspension.