How to pack your jewellery when you move house

It can be a bit of a hard task avoiding tangles in your necklaces or having 5 all knotted together and having one half of a your favourite pair of earrings getting lost. If you have a jewellery box then most of your problems are eliminated but you may still find yourself with a few loose pieces, so to avoid the dread of unpicking the nest of necklace chains we've put together some handy tips on packing your jewellery when you are moving house.

  • Wrap your jewellery box, stand or tree with bubble wrap to prevent any damage.

  • If you need to wrap any jewellery items, only use acid free tissue paper, or butchers and packing paper. Newspaper ink will rub off on your items and possibly other items you may pack with your jewellery.

  • Invest in a jewellery travel organiser. Necklaces lie down and you simple roll them up.

  • A pill box weekly organiser is great for storing small stud style earrings, pendants, body jewellery and other small items.

  • Craft organisers and plastic screw storage boxes are an awesome way to store and transport your jewellery.

  • Use an old button ass a holder for your earrings and then place into a small zip-lock bag

  • Try using a small zip-lock bag for separating jewellery. You could even put matching combinations in a bag together i.e. Necklace, earrings, rings, bangles and bracelets.

  • Use a clean and unused drinking straw to thread your chain through, cutting it down to the right length when needed. This keeps necklaces and chains separate and prevents tangles.

  • Egg cartons are also great for separating smaller jewellery pieces like rings, earrings and larger necklaces and pendants.

  • If you have an old shoebox you can use this to contain all your pre separated jewellery together.