How To Pack Kitchen Knives

We all have at least a basic set of sharp kitchen knives, from small vegetable knives to the largest of carving knives. Packing them safely and without injury to the person packing them (and then the person unpacking them) is always top priority. We've put together some tips on safely packing your kitchen knives.

If your knives have their own cover or case then make sure you use it.

Sort knives into groups of similar sized knives.

Get a stack of packing or butchers paper and place it on the bench top.

With your chosen group of knives place one knife sideways on the paper at one end, take 2-3 sheets of packing paper and carefully but tightly begin wrapping the first knife. Once you have rolled the first knife, place a second knife on top and roll the second knife up, folding in the sides of the paper as you roll, then place a third knife and continue in the same manner. You could fit up to 4-5 knives depending on their size.

If you are concerned about the knives ripping the paper, try wrapping them using the same process, only use a towel or tea towel and then wrapping in the packing paper.

Wrap each bundle of knives in sheet of bubble wrap.

Continue the same technique with each group of knives.

Use tape to secure each bundle of knives and label the parcel.

Line a small box with a towel or screwed up newspaper, this will help reduce friction and stop the knives from sliding or moving around inside the box.

Place bundles inside the box and line again with screwed up newspaper or a towel.

You could also put them in a plastic container for extra safety before putting inside the packing box.

Always be cautious and careful when packing any sharp knives.