How to Pack Cutlery When Moving House

Prepare a small box, ensuring it is securely taped together well on the bottom. An old (clean) shoe box is a great size and can be placed inside a larger packing box with other kitchen items.

Get a stack of packing or butchers paper and place it on the bench top. Never newspaper as the ink is likely to rub off onto your cutlery.

You may prefer to use foam wrap or bubble wrap.

Now get your knives and place them at one end of the paper, gently fold the sides over so as not to pierce a hole in the paper, then roll up your knives folding in the sides as you roll. You may need to make 2 or more bundles if you have a large cutlery collection.

Keep each package as only knives, only forks etc.

Use a piece of tape to secure each parcel.

Label each parcels contents with a pen or sharpie.

Repeat the same process for other cooking utensils like serving spoons etc

Place into the small box, or reusable shopping bag if a small box isn't accessible.

Remember to label the box your cutlery is packed in so it's easy to find in your new home.