How to Pack and Transport Antique's

House relocation is always an overwhelming task and the complexity of the task doubles when you have several antiques/collectibles and fragile valuables to move. Unless you are an experienced removalist who has relocated such valuables successfully, you should not think of pulling off this task yourself. Seek the assistance of a house relocation service who specialises in Antique relocation. There are several antique packing and moving hacks that can come in handy when it comes to relocating houses hassle-free.

Organize your furniture:
Prior to starting the packing process, you should consider organising your valuables. For instance, you can categorise the valuables under tags like art work, sculptures and collectibles. Such a strategy will certainly help you to pack things effectively. You can also even determine the items that you can pack without the assistance of a house relocation service. This can turn out to be a money saving tip if the house removalist charges you by the hour for packing procedures. Moreover, you can also sort out the valuables that need more attention. If you have any priceless valuables, make it a point to get them appraised or insured prior to moving. Even though most of the house relocation services offer insurance, there can be certain exclusions, you just don’t want to take any chances.

Choose the packing materials:
You don’t want to compromise with packing when it comes to transporting antiques. It is true that a professional relocation services in Melbourne like 13000 MOVE U will offer profound care for your valuables and transport them in the most efficient manner. However, it’s imperative to be aware of the packing material etiquette so that you can double check everything yourself. These are some of the packing materials that you want to use:

• Large and small size cartons

• Stretch/bubble and cushioning wraps

• Packing and Double and single sided tape

• Fine tissue and kraft paper

• Butchers or packing paper

The packing etiquette
• It is advised to transport the properties like jewellery, coins and other similar collectibles yourself. Prepare such items to be transported with you. You can store them away in smaller cartons or bags and carry them along in your car.

• If your antique comes with removable parts, don’t hesitate to remove and transport them separately. You can bubble wrap these removable pieces to give additional safety.

• In case of antique furniture, it is ideal to use straps or string for the purpose of securing doors. Do not use tape as this can stip your furniture of varnish etc. For furniture with mirrors, you should consider transporting them only after removing the mirrors. It is always wise to label the cartons containing the breakables as fragile to get them additional care while being transported.

• For paintings and mirrors, it is important that you give additional protection at the corners with either bubble wraps or cardboard. Corners of such valuables are vulnerable to additional pressure. See that these areas are tightly wrapped with cushioning wraps at least twice if not more.

Make it a point to plan the task of packing and transporting antiques at least a month before the date on which you are planning to relocate. Choose a professional relocation service and the effort required can be halved.