How to display art in your new house

Moving into a new house is a great opportunity to try new ways to decorate. Just a few simple changes in arrangement and rotation of your art and decor can create a whole new vibe in your new home.

  • Mirrors are a fantastic way to create a "view" as they simulate a window. They're great for opening and brightening up smaller or darker rooms. Use another window or art display as the mirrors reflection.

  • Take into account the size of the room when you are choosing decor and art. Pick art that reflects the size and shape of the walls. If you have a tall narrow wall then use a piece of art that is also tall and narrow.

  • Make sure your art and picture frames tie in with your other furnishings and decor in the room, keeping with the theme of each room.

  • Grouping smaller wall pieces such as family photos or smaller picture frames is a great way to create a centerpiece. Stick to a theme with your frames, either by colour, style or picture theme. Map out the position of each frame on the floor before you start making holes or sticking things to walls. Take a photo so you can refer back to it as you add each frame.

  • Another similar idea is grouping together some clipboards and hanging them on the wall in the kitchen or family room. They can be used for memos, photos and the kids school art work. This way you can easily rotate things around and the kids art work doesn't get any thumb tack holes if you were using a cork board.

  • Leaning art up against walls is a popular new theme of displaying art. Art can look great sitting on the mantel or sideboards or even on the floor is the piece is large enough. Smaller pieces of art can be displayed in photo frames and placed on display units or book shelves.

  • Get creative with art pieces you hang on the wall, it doesn't all have to be paintings and prints. Some good ideas are hanging decorative or stained glass windows, trays, plates, carved wooden panels and vintage iron pieces, antique shelving and wall sconces (wall candle stick holders). Choose decor that reflects your personality, hobbies and interests.

  • Floating shelves are great for displaying smaller items or using them as a base for leaning smaller prints or canvases in a collage on the wall.

  • Remember the rule of symmetry and odd numbers when displaying your decor. Displaying things in three's is the standard rule. For example hang a trio of prints or decorative plates, or place two lamps on the side board or hall table either side of a mirror hanging on the wall.