Great tips for cleaning your house after the removalist have left

House moving Tips: Cleaning your house when moving

The removalists have done with all the packing and you are all set to move to a new home. However, you do still have the final task of cleaning the house prior to making the final move. Leaving a clean house behind reflects your character and more importantly, it is task you must do to gain your rental bond back. Most landlords place a cleaning requirement in their rental agreement, sometimes requiring professional cleaners. Even though rental agreements can vary, generally agreements list the requirements for cleaning and whether a professional cleaning company is required by the tenant prior to moving out. Read your agreement carefully and then use our comprehensive cleaning tips list for cleaning your former house. Using these tips will help you achieve that professional finish.

The key to cleaning to pass an inspection is to get the basics right. Often you can fall short on some areas, but if you get the basics right the person inspection won't look any further. Though best practice is to cleaning everything.

Cleaning Walls

Any scuffs or marks on the walls are easily identifiable and are a very big negative during a final inspection. Jiff or Magic spot roomer can be great for this. Ensure you use a gentle touch, not use excessive amounts of water and be very very careful with wallpapered surfaces. Ensure that all nails from the walls are removed and retouch the areas on the wall that are affected by any scuff. Fill the hairline crack or holes in the wall using quick setting filler. In a pinch, white toothpaste might see you through, but not recommended. If you require any tools the local $2 dollar shop or big box hardware will have cheap disposable tools on hand for just this sort of job.

Cleaning Windows and doors

Clean all windows inside and outside, you do not have to buy a chemical agent to clean the windows. A homemade window cleaning solution comprising of ¼ cup of vinegar and half a teaspoon of detergent with two cups of water, should do the trick.

Clean the window sills and windows, working right to left from top to bottom. After you have any buildup removed and the window basically clean, performing a final wipe using a paper towel (black and white newpaper) should give you a perfect finish. Clean the doors inside out and do not miss the top of the doors. Use a diluted cleaning agent on painted doors to ensure that the colors don’t fade in the process. Use paper towels to dry the door post-cleaning. Buying quality paper towels can save you a lot of time trying to get rid of paper fluff.

* Cleaning the Kitchen*

Note: Get some sugar soap!

Start by cleaning the cabinets, empty and wipe them clean. Working top to bottom. Scrub the sink with a scrubbing pad and Jiff or budget equivalent. Use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to get rid off clogs or any residual food.

Uninstall the exhaust fan and clean it using a diluted cleaning solution, ensuring the power is off! You will need to clean the exhaust grills, ensure you follow the manufactures recommendations. However, a couple tips; some are cheaply replaced so do take this option where possible. Otherwise, spray down with oven cleaner and clean in very hot water.

Note: make sure you owner is off at the wall.

The best way to clean an oven correctly is to take it apart. Most ovens will allow you to fully remove the elements on the top. This will allow you to get right in an clean it properly. Like with most oven doors are removable for cleaning and better access. Take care when removing it. Also sides and shelving is removal-able in most ovens and makes the cleaning process much easier. Use a quality oven cleaner and follow the directions to clean all parts. A good tip is to take pictures of the oven complete so you have a reference for reassembly. Also make sure you have lots of ventilation.


Our recommendation is not to use bleach to clean the bathroom tiles and walls. Instead use bathroom specific cleaning products. Ensure that you get rid of the soap scum on bathtubs, faucet heads and shower recess. Clean the toilet with a toilet brush, scrub and solution (Bleech can remove some staining).

It is also important that you clean the toilet seat, attention to detail is important here. Ensure you get in around the edges.


Most landlords require the outside of the property is also clean. There for a soft broom and hose maybe needed to give the exterior walls a good scrubbing. Appearance is everything, rental inspectors are used to seeing properties falling into the same pattern time and time again. So if the first impression is good the inspector will natural start to relax.

It is important to ensure that the outside of your house is kept pretty clean, get the lawn mowed, ensure the pool is free from debris. Take a walk around the house to find any additional issues like an unclean window, door, overgrown bushes/trees. Take a skim through your checklist and make sure that everything is ticked.

Bonus tip:

Make a checklist before you start, not during or after when you will be very tired and likely to miss items.