Getting to know your new neighbours

Getting to know your new neighbours after moving into a new house can always be a bit awkward for any number of reasons, but it's good to get to know your surrounding neighbours, something that many of us don't do these days. There are many perks to knowing your neighbours, for example, security and having each other keep an eye on your property if you are at work or holiday, helping each other out with the kids, helping each other in times of emergency, or maybe even borrowing a cup of sugar.

Here are a few tips on breaking the ice and meeting your new neighbours.

  • Spend some times outdoors playing with the kids, pets or working in the garden, when you see your neighbours, wave out and say "hi" introducing yourself and letting them know you're new to the area.

  • Get the conversation going to asking about good places to eat in the area, dog parks and playgrounds.

  • Kids are a great ice breaker. When you see the local kids playing outside, send your kids out too and you can all introduce yourselves together. This is a great way to get to know other families living on your street that you may not normally meet.

  • Join up with the local neighbourhood watch or other community groups.

  • Invite them over for a BBQ for a house warming gathering. Also attend any neighbourhood BBQ's you are invited too.

  • Take over a freshly baked batch of cookies or muffins.

  • If you have a boat, invite the neighbours for a spot of fishing.

  • Invite the neighbours and their kids over for a swim ona hot day if you have a swimming pool.

Knowing your neighbours and others in the community is a great way to put minds and hearts at ease, everyone loves a good close knit community, it makes us feel part of the 'team' and at ease knowing you you have other friendly, like-minded people who are all looking out for each other.