Tips for Packing your Clothes for Moving House

Store and pack formal wear in speciality suit or dress bags.

Vacuum pack your out of season clothing.

Use a clean, large plastic rubbish bag and while the clothes are still hanging, select a section of clothes, taking into account room for the hangers, and slide the bag up over the clothes. Simply lift the hangers off the pole, placing them into the bag. Tie up bag.

Hit 2 birds with one stone and pack your clothes and hangers in suitcases.

Plastic storage bins with lids are also great for moving and/or storing out of season clothing.

You can hire or buy a couple of porta-robe moving boxes. These are large cardboard packing boxes with a bar along the top for you to hang your clothes. A typical box will hold between 20-30 hangers.

Porta-robes are available from your moving company in Melbourne or your local packing specialists.

Keep your clothes in their drawers. Tape over a few sheets of newspaper, like a lid, or use stretch wrap to keep clothes secure.

Keep an overnight bag with essentials like, change of clothes, work clothes, underwear and toiletries. This helps if packing hasn't got to that desired stage by the next day.