Apartment Relocations tips

Apartment living can be less of a fuss than a house. The body corporate will take care of maintenance such as outside windows and gardens etc. You can also save a fair bit on rental prices and utility bills. If you have decided to relocate from a house to an apartment, here a few things to look at and think about.

Make sure your furniture fits. Apartments are normally a lot more compact than a house, so make sure the size of the rooms are suitable for your furniture. It's always a good idea to take a measuring tape.

Kitchen storage. Again, make sure there is enough room for all your kitchen needs. You might have to de-clutter your kitchen by getting rid of those things you don't use, like small appliances you haven't used in a long time.

Many apartments have a balcony for you to enjoy your morning coffee on but some do not. Keep this in mind if have outdoor furniture or potted plants, you may need to sell it or downsize.

Indoor storage can often be an issue. Linen and laundry storage cupboards are usually smaller so that is also something to take in to account.

If your unit or apartment is lucky enough to have either its own garage or storage shed, then this may come in handy to store any camping gear or furniture that may not fit into your new apartment.

Another thing to look at with your new apartment is accessibility while moving in. Are there lifts? Are the lifts large enough? Can you manoeuvre your bed around any corners or around stairs wells? These are all things to think about and assess while apartment hunting.

It is important to take into account all of the above whether you are relocating from a house or another apartment. Apartments and unit blocks come in all shapes and sizes, so even though you may be sure your furniture will fit, be sure that you also get it in to your new home.

Should need arise for any of your furnishings to be kept in a safe place, many removalist companies also supply storage units for both long and long term leases.