Air Ride Suspension systems allow large moving vehicles, such as trucks, to travel comfortably on the road and giving the feeling of "riding on air", because they literally are. Air suspension replaces that of conventional steel springs. One of the air ride systems key features is having the ability to adjust the vehicles level, either lower or higher, to suit the environment. Think of modern passenger buses, they are able to lower the corner or end of the bus to make the accessibility of their disabled passengers a lot easier. The same technique is used for 13000MOVEU removalist trucks to navigate around tight corners, bumps steep driveways, high curbs or mounds on the ground. This means a 13000MOVEU truck can access your property easier and the closer the truck the faster the move and more money you can save.

These air ride suspension trucks are fantastic for home and office relocation companies as they eliminate much of the risk due to moving damage due to the bumpy rides of regular steel spring suspension trucks. The smoother the ride the better, for your office electronics, antique furniture, glassware, paintings, mirrors or piano to arrive safely and damage free at their new destination. Air ride suspension removal trucks make them the perfect choice for relocating our home or office and excellent for moving long distance or interstate.

If being used for house and home relocation, the truck is able to not only navigate the slope of your driveway but is also able to get closer to your house, being able to lift its suspension up over stoops and stairs or even your front garden.